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Lex Aluxias The debut album from one of my favourite bands. 10/10 Favorite track: House Man.
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10 tracks recorded by Pelvis in Ames IA fall 2015
Mixed by John Kirchner
Mastered by Matt Baltrucki

Pelvis is Nao Demand + GG Clark + Teddy Francis

Physicals will be available in tape and CD later in 2016 through Really Rad Records (WA) Released digitally through Really Rad Records May 23 2016

Physical preorder is available here:


released May 23, 2016

All songs written and performed by Pelvis



all rights reserved

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Track Name: Nightly
Only dance to the rhythms I sing
When I move in nightly
I know you are frightened
I only move in silence

Keep it smooth like a pebble
I’ll be high on a shelf with candles
I’ll become the mantle
All my love is violent

I’ve been a bully to everyone but you
It’s been a long one
To have come true
I’ll try to keep it a secret from you
It’s been a long one
To have come true
Track Name: RIP
What I meant was a feature
Like a creature
Of a perfect guide
Who was feeling real good
What I read in your postage
Well I opened I opened
What I read inside
It was fearless

How could I let the ends get loose?
No matter how you tie it a noose is a noose
You came alive and you were glowing
No matter how you tie it a noose is a noose

What I said was a lie
You decided you decided
To keep it together and forever
Be aligned
I felt your tremors
Well I never no I never
Explained the time
I’ve been weaker
Track Name: House Man
Maybe seems to mean
Not you go home
Belittle me
On the side walk literally
Rats run out into the street

Take this casually
It’s not a throne
The mezzanine is such a long walk
The mezzanine it just means the first floor

I don’t ask you questions when you speak to mean
Because I don’t believe anything you say to me

Laying next to me
It’s not your home
And every night is such a long fall
Every night I blind you with the light

I don’t ask you questions when you speak to mean
Because I don’t believe anything you say to me
Baby do you love me
Baby do you love
Baby do you love me
Track Name: Spud
Only what I said to you
Here’s the one that sticks
If everything you say is true
I think I’m better off left
Likely this will never change
Oh and nightly I cling to the sheets

Everything you say goes through
The front to the back of my head
Insecurity syndrome too
I think I’m better off left
Likely you know where I’m going
And I’m going

Don’t I know you from some where
I swear I swear the girl the girl with the long hair
Didn’t I see you at the football?
I swear I swear the world is so small

I’ll keep it nice I always do
Be here tonight if you would
Track Name: Health
You know me I’m not even true to myself
So lately when you call me
I pull a bottle off of my shelf

Ready now
Building cities that I would
Ready now
Still watching porn
Ready now
I really like this part
Ready now
Don’t mess this up

Sulking mad because you can’t think for yourself
So baby if you’re lonely
Sleeping all day is bad for your health
Track Name: Chew
Chew me up throw me and tie it
I’ve seen millions and millions
Of letters all laid on a page
That I couldn’t read so I let you explain
When I’m ruthless I like it
I’ve seen millions and millions of lovers
When you are away
It felt good to make your heart break

It was brilliantly arranged
Pages turned and I felt the same
I know it was a lie but find some
Other guy and have a try

I stayed up reading dandelion wine
I couldn’t figure out what the end meant
Do get relief she said
Release me from your head

Don’t know where I am lately
So I asked you where to look
Spent the second half of my Saturday buried in a book
People know bad and good
It depends on where you look
Baby don’t you feel bad about what you took
Track Name: Halifax
You’re not related to me
You need satisfaction
And of the ones I’ve seen
You the “hey” girl yelling action

All this time I’ve been running
Just to see you in Halifax
Did you know all you're friends?
Know that you’re my toy

You wanted something to see
That’s microscopic
You wouldn’t believe what it takes
To be something
Track Name: Frozen Bed
I’ve been sewing my life
Around the threads we cling on to
Keep me in the dark
Because I don’t want to see
When the lights come on

Wish I was like a tree that
Stands up straight all winter long
Need to thaw me out
When I’m frozen
All my love falls off

Tucson Arizona I think your violent too
And all my clothes are sweat through
Sleeping dug up old news
And now my mind feels sweat through
Track Name: Coney Island
Will you get married with your hair down
It’s true can you feel a sickle cell heart
I’m dark your full of morning sound
My bark tells you to run really far

A black lab likes to give me all his time
When boy bites me he feels alive
Ill buy a ride and drive it into the rising tide
Ill never be sick of Coney Island

I’m through sleeping at a friend’s house
Can’t choose who this life has left out
I’m dark and keeping all my clothes on
My bark tells you to run really far